Last Updated: September 13, 2023

User Data

As part of our commitment to privacy and data protection, Journalville is dedicated to providing a transparent and secure environment for users of our mobile app on Google Apps. To align with Google’s policies and ensure user data is handled appropriately, we outline the following privacy policy:

  1. Account Deletion Requirement: If our app allows users to create an account, we will also provide an option for users to request the deletion of their account directly within the app and through a web resource. Journalville will comply with this requirement as of December 7, 2023.
  2. Transparency: Journalville is committed to being transparent about how we handle user data, which includes information collected from or about a user, including device information. We disclose the access, collection, use, handling, and sharing of user data within the app, limiting its use to policy-compliant purposes disclosed to users.
  3. Third-Party Code: If our app includes third-party code, such as SDKs, we ensure that the third-party code and its practices regarding user data are compliant with Google Play Developer Program policies. We do not allow the sale of personal and sensitive user data from our app.

Personal and Sensitive User Data

Personal and sensitive user data encompasses various types of information, including personally identifiable information, financial data, authentication information, and more. When handling such data, Journalville adheres to the following principles:

  1. Data Limitation: We limit the access, collection, use, and sharing of personal and sensitive user data acquired through our app to purposes reasonably expected by the user. If we use such data for serving advertising, we comply with Google Play’s ads policy. Data may also be transferred to service providers or for legal reasons with proper user notification.
  2. Security: Journalville ensures the secure handling of personal and sensitive user data, including the use of modern cryptography (e.g., HTTPS) for data transmission.
  3. Runtime Permissions: We request runtime permissions whenever available before accessing data gated by Android permissions.
  4. No Sale of Data: Journalville does not sell personal and sensitive user data. “Sale” refers to the exchange or transfer of such data for monetary consideration.

Prominent Disclosure & Consent Requirement

When data access, collection, use, or sharing may not be within the reasonable expectation of the user, Journalville adheres to the following requirements:

  1. Prominent Disclosure: We provide an in-app disclosure that is within the app itself, describing the data being accessed, how it will be used and/or shared, and it is displayed in the normal usage of the app. We do not bury these disclosures in privacy policies or unrelated sections.
  2. Consent and Runtime Permissions: We obtain user consent clearly and unambiguously, requiring affirmative user action before collecting or accessing personal and sensitive user data. We do not use auto-dismissing messages to obtain consent.

Third-Party Code Integration

In cases where third-party code, such as SDKs, collects personal and sensitive user data by default, Journalville provides evidence of compliance with Prominent Disclosure and Consent requirements within 2 weeks of receiving a request from Google Play.

Common Violations

Journalville adheres to additional requirements for specific activities:

  • Financial or Payment Data: We never publicly disclose any personal and sensitive user data related to financial or payment activities.
  • Phonebook or Contact Information: We do not allow unauthorized publishing or disclosure of non-public contacts.
  • Anti-Virus or Security Functionality: Journalville posts a privacy policy explaining the data collection and sharing related to our security features.
  • Children’s Apps: Our app does not include unapproved SDKs for use in child-directed services.
  • Persistent Device Identifiers: We ensure that persistent device identifiers are not linked to other personal and sensitive user data except for specific purposes as disclosed to users.

For any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, please contact us at

Thank you for using Journalville! Your privacy and data security are important to us.